Driving License A1

2.1 Informations Inscription Permis A2.PDF

Demande obtention Permis.PDF


Required age: 15 1/2 year


Documents to furnish:

1.   Medical certificate ( less older than 3 months)

2.   Recent Photo (45mm X 35mm)

3.   260 € for the acquisition tax, the registration and 12h of theory an the exam.

4.   Valid ID-card or passport

5.   Extract from « casier judiciaire » (police record) criminal record of the last place of residence abroad before that in the Grand-Duché, if the appliant’s residence in Luxembourg is less than 5 years. (less older than 3 months)

6.  Parent´s signature and Valid ID-Card if the appliant is younger than 18 years old


Allows to drive:

  • Light Motorcycle (125 cm3)
  • Moped with 50 cm3
  • Light Quad with 50 cm3

12 theoretical hours required

6 if the appliant is already owner of a driving licence of a different category

16 practical hours required (85 €/h)


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