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Required age: 17 1/2 ans

Documents to furnish:

1. Medical certificate ( less older than 3 months)

2. Recent Photo (45mm X 35mm)

3. 260 € for the acquisition tax, the registration and 12h of theory and the exam.

4. « Certificat de résidence » (residence certificate) for appliants who don´t have the luxembourgish nationality and whose place of birth is not on the luxembourgish territory. (not older than one month) 3 times changement of place of residence = 3  “Certificat de résidence” needed. 

5. Valid ID-card or passport

6. Extract from « casier judiciaire N.4 » (police record) ( less older than 3 months) Document at guichet.lu

7. Extract from « casier judiciaire » (police record) from the origin country, if the appliant´s residence in Luxembourg is less than 5 years. (less older than 3 months)

8.Parent´s signature and Valid ID-Card if the appliant is younger than 18 years old


Allows to drive:

A car up to 9 places ( driver included) (MMA) not more than 3500kg

Panel van


Machine automotrice d’une masse vide ne dépassant pas 12000kg


Moped with 50 cm3

Quad with 50 cm3

Trike or Quad

Trailer up to 750kg (MMA)

12 theoretical hours required

6 if the appliant is already owner of a driving licence of a different category

16 practical hours required

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